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The Devil's Playground

 Ace's Guide to Mugging v.1

Ok.. so thought i'd write this guide to show MY version of how I mug!
Mugging can make you a LOT of money in this game and even points by
winning the Mugger of the Hour.

1. The Set-Up Goto
2. Finding Mugs Goto
3. The Infamous F5 Technique Goto
4. Buy-Mugs Goto
5. On to the Mugging!!Goto
6. How to prevent it from happening to you Goto

1. The Set-up
There are many different ways to set yourself up to mug, this changes between people so I am showing you my way Over time
you will find the way that suits you best but this will at least get you started! First things first! Setting up your tabs! For me I set-up
3 different tabs especially for mugging!


Ok, so this is how I set the three tabs up. The one on the very left is used for refilling your nerve (especially for those big mugs).
I have it already on the "You succesfully refilled your nerve." page so the only thing you have to do is click the tab and hit the
F5 Key to refresh which will automatically refill your nerve!

The middle tab is used for doing the actual "mug" or for finding a mug. This page should always be on the Hall of Fame listings
for money. If you don't know you can find this in London>Mobsters> and click on Money. That page will show you the top
50 players who have the most cash currently out of the bank. Note: this also shows people who are warded.

The last tab I set up specifically with the link to bust myself out of prison (just in case) and is GREAT for big mugs where you
don't mind wasting 20 pts to get out and get a majority of the money! Be warned though.. if you are going for a small mug
DO NOT use this tab. The link is for those of you who don't know it.
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2. Finding Mugs 
Now we get into the fun part! Finding mugs! A couple things to look for when looking for a good mug! You want to make sure
Apart from looking at the Hall of Fame for Money for finding mugs (which is the most common way) you can try to predict
a mug before it happens. The points market is a good example. If someone has points on the market just goto there profile and
see if they are active. If someone's Last Active is greater then 5 minutes then they might have gone away from their computer
so check to see how long they have in the Hospital and take note on when they get out and keep a watchful eye as you might
just get in on someone else's buy mug and put quite a bit of cash in YOUR pocket. Also don't only use the points market!
For example you can check the horse racing! Look out there for bets and get ready when the race ends at :30 or :00 of the
hour! people win Millions on betting on races! Meaning there are millions out there ready to be mugged!
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3. The Infamous F5 Technique
Alright.. almost all of you should know about this but I will be going over it anyways. The F5 technique is used to do many
different things ins The Mafia Undergroud, from greatly increasing your chances of hitting a bunny, to making even every
day things like your crimes a little easier. So lets get into how to use it. We'll use a bunny for the first example.

  • Goto the bunnies profile
  • Find out how long they have left in the hospital
  • When the bunny shows "In hospital for 1 minute, Killed by....." get ready
  • At approximately :55 of the last minute click on the attack button so you get the page "Sorry, the person you are attacking
    is in the hospital"
  • Then immediately start hitting the F5 key on your keyboard to refresh the page you will continue to try to attack the bunny
    and hopefully will be the first to hit. Do this til you think it's about :03-:05 seconds after that minute.
  • Play with this technique. It's possible to get 2-3 mugs per second easily using this so you have to figure out exactly HOW
    fast you can go.

    So your asking how does this help me mug! You basically are going to do the same thing except for "attacking" the person
    over and over your going to be mugging!

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    4. Buy-Mugs
    Ok. So now I'm going to talk to you about "Buy-Mugging" someone. The Buy-Mug is pretty much what it sounds like and
    should only be done when you have the concept of mugging down pretty well. In order to buy-mug and be good at it you
    have to be ALOT faster then normal!

    The basics of it are basically the same you get your set-up just like mentioned above except this time your going to be adding
    two more tabs. This makes it a total of 5 tabs you need open. There is basically nothing changing in the first 3 tabs just like
    mentioned above. So your going to have the first tab for your never, second tab will be the profile of the person your mugging,
    third will be the prison busting tab. Now with the two new tabs added your going have the 4th one on your bank, and the 5th
    will be ready to go with the item/points or whatever you will be buying. Note: You have to have this tab already set up to buy
    otherwise your going to be spending WAY to much time trying to enter in the numbers. Once you have it you should be able
    to just hit the "withdraw" button for the money you need and change tabs and click "buy". And then get straight into mugging
    by going into your second tab which is already on the victims profile!

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    5. On to the Mugging!!
    Ok, This section is going to hopefully explain to you what your going to be doing when you actually find that mug you've been
    waiting for! So now you know everything you need to in order to get some cash! So you are going to put everything i've told
    you into one! Here is the order I go by.

  • Mug mug mug!!!
  • Then refresh the prison bust tab!
  • Refresh Nerver Tab
  • and Repeat until your getting about 5k per mug or they have under 100k

  • That's it! You've done it! Pat yourself on the back and relax! Note: IF you mug someone be ready to spend a little bit of time
    in the ward! Usually someone who gets mugged is pretty pissed off... it does no good for you to whine to the gang or get your
    protection involved unless they go a little overboard with the hitting. Like they say you do the crime, you gotta be willing to do
    the time!

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    6. How to prevent it from happening to you

    Ok.. so now you want some tips for preventing yourself from being mugged! So here's your list!

  • First things first BE ACTIVE at all times.. this is the top thing to help you from being mugging.. most people will not do a
    buy mug on someone who is active as it's a big risk to they're own pockets!
  • Second - NEVER and I do mean NEVER sell items or points on the market without being in the hospital and ACTIVE!
    Note: There is ONE exception to this rule! IF you have a Guardian Mug Protector and a Guardian Protector! That way you
    can not be mugged or attacked for your money!
  • Third - Always be aware of what your doing. Don't forget about that big bet you have on a horse out or an item you put
    onto the market while you were in the ward!

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